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Your Colon a Bio-Brothel? Symptoms of Parasites That Nobody Wants to Talk About

Posted by Tyler Britton and Dette Avalon ANP on Mar 28, 2017 4:11:02 PM

Types of parasites (I have what? Where?)

First thing: have you eaten recently? Are you about to eat? If yes to either question, you may want to pause and wait to read this far away from mealtime.  

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Congenital Glyphofailure: Facts that Condemn Glyphosate

Posted by Tyler Britton and Dette Avalon ANP on Feb 27, 2017 9:30:40 AM

Facts Condemn Glyphosate- Are You Willing to Listen?

Ever watch a dog chase it’s tail? It’s a lot like the argument against glyphosate evidence.

But before you even start reading, ask yourself the following question: Am I really open to the fact that glyphosate is not “harmless”? Be honest. If the answer is no, then stop reading and go do something more productive for yourself. If the answer is yes, then file these golden nuggets away.

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Normal TSH Levels and Why Normal Isn’t Always Good

Posted by Tyler Britton and Dette Avalon ANP on Feb 14, 2017 3:57:49 PM

What are normal TSH levels?

Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH) is produced by your pituitary gland and is the gas pedal for your thyroid. When your pituitary wants your thyroid to produce more thyroid hormone (thyroxine 4, aka T4) is will press on the gas pedal (higher TSH levels). When it wants your thyroid to slow down, it lets off the pedal (lower TSH levels).
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Glyphosate | Make America Great Again! Stop Spraying (Educate Yourself & Get Tested)

Posted by Tyler Britton and Dette Avalon ANP on Jan 17, 2017 5:45:34 PM

Would You Give Your Child A Cookie That Contained Glyphosate?"

Glyphosate and Deterioration of Health - Cigarettes Remembered

You Need to Know This About ICD-10 Codes

Testing for Glyphosate

How Glyphosate Works and Why It’s Deadly

How Poisonous is Glyphosate?

Speculation About Glyphosate and Mental Health

Glyphosate is in You – How to Decrease Exposure and Detox

How We are Exposed to Glyphosate and Ways to Avoid It

History of Glyphosate Usage

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Thyroid Warrior: Symptoms of Hypothyroidism and How to Reclaim Your Health

Posted by Tyler Britton and Dette Avalon ANP on Dec 9, 2016 4:53:15 PM

Symptoms of hypothyroidism overview

Hypothyroidism Quiz

Dr. Amy Meyers: The Good News About Hypothyroidism

What is the thyroid and what does it do?

Common symptoms of hypothyroidism

Consequences of hypothyroidism

Underlying causes of hypothyroidism

Must-know risk factors for thyroid disorders

Link between thyroid disease and environmental toxins

Thyroid hormone explanation and diagnoses

Treatment for hypothyroidism

Supporting a healthy thyroid

Appendix of resources

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T4 Test | What is a t4 test (thyroid disease)?

Posted by Tyler Britton and Dette Avalon ANP on Dec 9, 2016 4:15:32 PM

what is a T4 test?

A thyroxine (T4) lab test is used to check for thyroid problems, such as hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism. T4 is the primary hormone produced by your thyroid, and plays a critical role in many of your body's functions - such as hormone balance, metabolism, internal thermostat, and growth. It is usually done in conjunction with other thyroid tests, which are known a Thyroid Panel.

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